Custom Information

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Custom paintings are a way to turn your visions into artwork, without the years of practice! I do custom paintings of clouds, nudes, lewds, clothed figures, flowers, plants, animals, starships, space scenes, bugs, butterflies, landscapes, scenes from photos reimagined in my style, or anything else your heart desires that can be painted in my style! 

I do not promise 100% photo realism for any painting with a face in it. I can get it pretty close or I can hide your face (options for that are flower heads, cropping your face out, or covering it with a butterfly, flower, planet, or something else, etc.) 

Customs can be discussed, quoted, and purchased through email or direct message on any of my social media. There is no charge for a consultation and quote, and I am friendly so don't be scared to contact me. 

When discussing a commission, mention everything you want included and ask any questions during the consultation. Any major changes you want made after a price is discussed may affect the price. While working on your piece I will be in regular contact if I have any questions about preferences on your piece (I will, I want you to love everything about it). 

You will receive regular updates whenever the painting looks different enough to send an update. However, oil painting is a very slow process so if at any time you want an update feel free to ask for one. 

I paint in layers and each layer takes 7-12 days to cure, so I will be working on your piece for several hours at a time, about once a week. Most of the waiting time is for curing. 

Please keep in mind that oil paintings take weeks or even months to complete. If you have a deadline for your painting please tell me and I will let you know if that is possible. If you want to order a custom as a gift for a holiday or birthday, please place your order with plenty of time to spare, painting, curing, and shipping all take time. And rushed art is never good art. 

Commissions are priced based on time, size, and detail. A price will be given to you during consultation, if it is higher than you'd like, you may ask for a smaller size if it is available and possible for the painting you want. 

Payments for customs can be made via cashapp, venmo, or paypal, or if necessary this website. To start work on a custom, you must either make the full payment or half of the payment as a deposit. No paintings or drawings will be started without a deposit.

All commission prices include shipping prices. I ship through USPS and provide tracking. Once tracking is provided, I am no longer responsible for your package. If a product is lost or damaged by USPS, I am not responsible. If this does occur, I will offer you a discount on a replacement piece, but do understand that that means I am starting from scratch and there will be some differences in the new piece. I can also attempt to make you a print of your piece, but it will be lower quality than my usual art prints and there will be a charge. 

If you want your packaged shipped through another carrier, there will be an additional charge. Or if something occurs that forces me to ship through another carrier, current commissions will have to pay any additional shipping costs.